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If you would like to take any of the Merits/Flaws listened below, please understand that the answer may be 'No'. However, with a striking background, some may be allowed. If you plan to choose one of these, it would make it easier for you, the player, and the staff as well, if you chose an alternative to replace it and note it on your application so that it's much less sorting and contact back and forth trying to get a character classed.

Please keep in mind that we are looking for something dynamic within your background to allow you to possess the Merits/Flaws in question. All Merits/Flaws should be explained in Backgrounds, though the ones listened below would need additional, and informative, discussion in the character's past.


Castle(5) - Banned
Charmed Existance(5)
Elysium Domain(1) - Banned
Enchanting Voice(2)
Exceptional Steed(2-3) - Banned
Faerie Affinity(2) - Banned
Fist of God(7) - Banned
Garou - True Faith(7) - Banned

Ghoul - Kinfolk(4) - Will always be taken as a Flaw
Guardian Angel(6) - Banned
Holder of Office(3-5)
Inconnu Associate(4)
Invisible to Kindred(4) - Banned
Iron Will(3)
Kinfolk - Supernatural Kin(5) - Banned
Mage Companion(3) - Banned
Miracles of the Faith(5) - Banned
Mummy Companion(5) - Banned

Nine Lives(6)
Primogen Friendship(4)
Sheriff's Friend(2)
Werewolf Companion(3) - Vampires cannot take this Merit


Adolescent - 10 - 15 years old(1)- (Mortal/Kinfolk only)
Bard's Tongue(1)
Beacon of the Unholy(2)
Blasphemer Amoung Heritics(1-2) - Banned
Blood Hunted(4-6)
Child 9 and under years old(3)
Dark Fate(5) - Banned
Demon Hounded(1-4)
Escaped Target(2)
Flesh of the Corpse(5)
Former Prince(3)
Glowing Eyes(3)
Hunted Like a Dog(3)
Light Sensitive(5)
Loathsome Regant(4)
Methusalah's Thirst(7) - Banned
Probationary Sect Member(4)
Red List(7) - Banned
Second-Class Citizen(2) - Banned


Not Restricted At All. However, here is the outline of our House Rules Rating for Addictions.
Cigarettes (1)
Alcohol (2-3)
Cocaine (3-4)
Heroin (4-5)

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