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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Red = Carl Blue = other people.

CARL: Red Rabbit Red Rabbit Red Rabbit, Fucken carl fucken Carlson Talking.

RANDOM: We dont give a fuck who you are you fucken wanna be, get off the channel you fucken jerk off.

CARL: Shut up, you sound like some greek fuck, im gonna call you victor, you homless cunt. Stop living in ya fucken car, the vomit and urine smell is disturbing the neighborhood, and i know your out of cigarteets at 4 30 in the fucken morning. Why do you act like a fucken moron huh, you put your loved ones in the situation of knowing you, you worthless cunts..

RANDOM: You sound familiar fucker why dont you just come to vine street and il fuck you up.

CARL: You remind me of the fucken fanatics, il bet your a fanatical cunt, in the city of fucken water there out and about with thier fucken homies, like stupid fucken camel fuckers, cant fight one on one, too fucken afraid.. it shows here in LA you peice of shit.. were are the fucken fanatic here, like a fucken rabbit and a whispering cunt they dont show, because thier living in thier fucken cars, you fucken homless fuck this is our territory why dont you and your silly fucken ideals go fuck off someplace else.

RANDOM:Your a freak Carl Carlson why dont you just fuck off back to new orleans you wanna be fuck.

CARL:And now smiling jack is fucken back, thinking he can come in and be fucken boss, i talked to his fucken son in new orleans, he loves fucken jack but said jack fucken sold out thats what i fucken heard, like some smelly fucken cammels balls who holds too much fucken water, and what do we have to do while he fucken sold out, keep the fucken fight fuck the fanatics and fuck everyine Lunatics for fucken life[/code]
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 7:27 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Carl: See what fucken Happens wine drinkers when you dont listen to fucken little people, you become fucken homeless, the little people are sick of your bullshit. I wish i was fucken there, i wish i could see your big fucken castle be brought down by flames and shouting.

Random: Fucken cunt shut up, your always on this channel talking shit.

Carl: You shut the fuck up you dog cunt. Hey Wine driker, i gave you a fucken chance to show me that your not like the rest but what the fuck did you do, you showed me you just dont give a fuck, and now yiur homless cunt, licking your fucken wonds like a dog and sleeping in the cold like a fucken cunt. Change your fucken ways you piece of shit.

And where the fuck are the fanatics, sliming away down in the depth, well i aint forgot about you cunts, bunch of know it all, bullshit, you dont know fuck all and your all a bunch of cowards talking your sht and how close everyoe is, get bfucked, your home once i find it will also be fucken ashes and i am gonna piss on thiseashes because we want our fucken freedom, fuck your old leader this is a new day mother fuckers.

And to that cock sucker Jack. I dont fucken like ya, but I respect ya.
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 12:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Carl: You fucken see wine drinker, you still dont fucken hear me but i also can burn shoit to the mother fucken ground you wast of skin motherless cunts..

Random: here we go again some fucken wanna be idiot getting on our channel and starting shit and talking shiiiiit, why dont you fuck off back to the rock you crawled out of.

Carl: Shut the fuck up you monkey, you came from a fucken monkey, you will breed fucken monkeys and you will die a fucken monkey. And thats what all the cunts out there are, monkeys drinking wine and monkeys praying to thier fucken god. well I aint no fucken monkey im a mother fucken ape maaan im gonna tear this whole fucken place down this is territory for the free thinkers not the conservatives on both sides.. you fucken rats and cocaroches.

Random: gone loopy again aint ya you fuck..

Carl: The one is going loopy is you, you loopy cunt. freedom from fucken oppression, freedom from religion freedom to do whatever the fuck you want, if i could i would be sticking my finger up your fucken ass and then twisting it because thats what i do. I can burn shit i have my own backing up also.. every cunt is oin notice, dont try shit with the lunatics because youl get fucken hurt and your house burnt down the the fucken ground *laughter*
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:13 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Carl: Everything in fucken life is unsertain exept for fucken taxes and mother fucken death.. well I got another one for you cock sucking monkeys out there.. and its Everything in fucken life is unsertain exept for for fucken taxes, mother fucken death and cunts who think they can push you around.

Random: Carl shut the fuck up, you biker smelly fucken isiot why dont you go fuck your hog.

Carl: Your one of them arnt you, you wine drinking motherless cunt, well then your a monkey, you will produce other monekys to try make yourself fucking known, but you can only make another idiot monkey if the big monkey lets you.. your pathetic, if i could right now i would flip the bird to your face and say to you, go fuck your self and your own fucken rules.

Your rules dont applky to me, just like a politician your fucken leadrr talks alot of shit, passing the fucken blame. Well fucken no more shifting blame, im sick to deatg of the police on both sides, im sick of the hieghrachy on both sides and its time to let both the fucken living and the fucken mother fucking blood bloods know that this is LA bitches, this is no ones territory and the rules are do what the fuck ya want exept for ratting people out.

You fucken hear me LA, No fucken rules exept for not being a cunt rat.
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

One Day shit monkeys, one day im going to go into your fucken homes and pull you out of the dispare that is your fucken lives... We aee at fucken war motherless cunts and you hide like children. Blame the fucken Smiling jack, blame that fuck, go out and burn his fucken house down..

I dont see that happening any time fucken soon, you people talk the fucken talk but dont ride the fucken rider. Why iu thought your organisation was so fucken big an powerfull but right now it looks like a the fucken fanatic.. ZFucken no show cunts.. Were are ya fanatic boys, your all no shows like a motherless boy who needs a cunt to hol on to.

Il show you the fucken way
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 12:14 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Carl: The Carlson is Back shitheels, and is back with a mother fucken vengence.

Random: Carl, fucken your over the news man, get the fuck in jail, you need to stop killing people and shooting dogs.

Carl: (Putting on the batman theme on) Shut the fuck up and Listen up you fucken truck driver ow life, not living life to the fullest mother fucker, I live life to the fucken Fullest, and soem cunts dont like that, some cunts want to keep you down, but this is LA mother fucker.

LA is anarchist Territory we faught hard for this fucken land, we bled for this fucken country and now we are killing for it. Dont think You wone drinkers can come up in this Ma and start shit, demanding shit, organising shit. You hear me, shrivel up and die mother fuckers..

And where the fuck is this Jack huh.. Jack Jack where are ya, your a fucken No show Jack, we had a deal and im winning on fucken points.Yet you dont show nothin, you are nothin. Im Carl Carlson.. Shut up and Listen.
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:02 am Reply with quoteBack to top

You People think this city is for the fucken taking? you got to be fucking smoking ice, with heroin and to fucken top it up your taking LSD at the same fucking time... This city has been taken mother fuckers.

This city is the fucking capital city of the Anarch movement, and you think anyone can walk in here and say other wise.. there pulling themselves off harder then the fucking wine drinkers..

Yeh i fucken Say it every fucking week, fuck the wine drinkers, yeh well fuck them, you know they put drungs in there servants ass, lace it with thier fucken blood an let them have sex with eachother.. Now thats fucking sick..

Not just fucking Sick mind you, what they did to us and continue to do to us in other states is fucking criminal, they push the young ones down, fucken A they do and they also spit and set us on fire.. well no fucking more, No fucken more will the wine drinkers think they have a hold on us.. wer are you wine drinkers... Your fucken no where, you came, you fucken had a little peek, and now your running away becayse your a cunt, and thats what cunts do.

Still havent seen the fucken Fanatics, chances are these fucken COCK a rochas are around somwhere, puling themselves off while licking thier own assholes.. yeh you fucken heard it, what they like to do in secret meetings is pull themselves off, because they got so much anger they like to lick thier assholes.. and the fact is they like it.. now thats fucken sick.. sicker then the windrinkers
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 1:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

When I fucken Speak into this fucken Microphone, i expect to be listened to, why, because im fucken carl carlson and your fucken not. Dont try talk over the Prophet of the lord, because i have a signal, and you dont, no fucken Signal no opinions.

When i ask cunts what they stand for, we all know we stand upo for whatever twisted fucked up ideals your mummy and fucken daddy brought you up on. Fucken Say it loud and fucken proud. You know i do, I believe in killing cunts who think they are better then the rest, I believe in standing up for the little people, who have no fucken voice. I believe in the Anarchist ways of life. i believe in the lunatics.

When I say hey big fucken chiefian, or hey loopy cunt, or hey you cocksucker, which team do you bat for, then you give me a none fucken answer. it tells me your a coward rat who came to this city to take it over. To tell US what the fuck to do and thats a big fucken No No in my book.

You old Bats think you got the right to come in here take a wiff of our freedom air, and say thats not gonna happen do it my way. I give you cunts the one finger salute, and tell you that you were a nice pink skirt and get the fuck out of LA.

Shonky killed the sherrif and his deputy ran away like some punk in a pink skirt, but atleast they stated thier intentions. Facist mother fuckers walking in here like they own the city. WE own the city. WE decide who lives and WE decide who fucken Dies.

And where are the fucken Cockaroches, still hiding in thier fucken little shack screaming out for thier master to come in and save the day. Whatever you believe in is wrong, your master is a fuckwit and salvation will come in the form of Carl Carlson.

God bless you all, and may Anarchy spread.
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Joined: 27 Nov 2007
Posts: 210

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Even Carl fucken Carlson can learn a thing or fucken two.. Dont bother speaking, i got a higher range, thus your being cut off, just fucken listen and learn a thing or two about my fucken life.

Wifey... huh that bitch needs to learn some fucken respect, was gonna give her a chance but it takes two to fucken tango and if ya gonna start dancing, then come ask Carlos Carlson to dance, Im a prophet, i am the son of god and you dont hang around a cunt who is clueless.

But I prommised Shonky so what the fuck am I to do, your very lucky bitch, that he saved your ass.

Enough about her, im gonna talk about another cunt who needs to get her head out of the sand and start representing us, or step aside of the carlson. Smiling jack, every time i think of yu, i wet my pants. I have wet dreams about you Jaaaaack. Is he comming baaack, is he going to save us..

FUCK NO, his off to the carrabiens sipping palina coladas or whatever the fuck. Time for us Anarchist to follow a new cunt, a cuntwho actually talks the talk and walks the walk. Time to follow the Lunatics. Done be afraid to call my name out and have a chat about the future, the past or about smiling fucken Jack.

Jack is a cunt, he thinks about hiself while we die on the mother fucken streets. I start riots, I preach towards the people who needs to be preached at.. AND I Defend our rights. Shonky Killed the Sherrif and the fucken Pink skirt wearing mother fucker deputy ran away.

FUcken Wine drinkers everywhere, Fanatics under our city plotting, and where is the cunt.. his not here, his left us AGAIN, bt this time you can follow me, follow your fucken Carlson into battle. Kill the fucken Wine drinkers and then Kill Joe.

Ohh yeh Kill fucken Joe, the old pedophil who shoots kids with his dick.

I will be yur voice if you need it, im not afraid of the fucken Living, or the fucken dead.. What im afraid of is our freedoms taken away and we become slaves again

I am Carlson
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Joined: 19 Jan 2008
Posts: 324
Location: Rhode Island, USA

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 9:28 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'mma start this off with something more real than half the shit that you've been hearing on the waves in a shit long time, and can assure ya that I don't give a fuck what you down-home city motherfuckers have to say back if you don't like it. Fuckers are used to hearing sludge like fucking Carl Carlson and that fucking cowboy hillbilly makin' changes in the fucking city of angels, and just taggin' along at their bootheels whistling Dixie and shit. Fuck. That. Sink or swim, cunts. It's the marvel we all fucking started with and it ain't going to change. Like it? Fine, but don't fucking look at me like some fucking cop martyre that's going to stand at the front screamin'. Don't? Fuck all. No one cares.

Bitches been rushin' 'round LA screaming "Revolution". Listen. Up. Hookers. Shit already happened. Just hoistin' 'round boxes of kittens and rainbows if ya think those wine drinkin' bitches don't know what the fuck they're up against. Buncha fuckin' FEDs got their asses dropped in the park by someone with 'nough sense to say fuck it and live, 'stead of givin' a shit about the vibrations and whiplash that goes 'long with setting some scores.

Heard screamin' 'bout some new fucking boy in town that's got a lil' pull over on Cienga. Kennedy, bitches, and don't you fucking forget it. You'll be hearin' bitches scream that name just as loud as ya'll busted over Jack and Carlson, except this one's pulling us to'ether, makin' moves, 'stead of just rushin' round with somethin' to prove. See me at his side, thinkin' "I don't fuckin' give a shit 'bout the rest of ya who ain't showin' up".

And Caaaarl. If you're out there. I've got your gun, motherfucker. Come get it. I know for fuck sure Lenny ain't comin' back to "protect me" or whatever other bull fuckin' shit you've been spreading. Ain't heard from you in months Carl. You know who you fuckin' sound like? Savior, savior. Who's in the fucking islands sippin' pussy drinks now?

Started out in this fucking puddle as lost cause. Ain't nothin' changed 'cept the guns, bitches. Strike moves with y're own fucking power, cause it's the only fuckin' thing that matters. Sink. Swim. Or stay the fuck outta our way. City's burnin' and there ain't 'nough water for this blaze.

OOC - Sybine's voice is clear. If you've heard her speak, you'd probably know it's her.

Green = Speaking
Yellow = Yelling, bitches!

"All right, Charlie; that the joint?";"Yes, sir.";"Who runs it?";"I already told you.";"Refresh my memory.";"Spats Columbo.";"That's very refreshing; what's the password?";"I've come to Grandma's funeral. Here's your admission card.";"Thanks, Charlie.";"Now if you want a ringside table, just tell 'em that you're one of the pallbearers.";"OK, Charlie.";
"(to the waiter) You better bring a check in case the joint is raided."; "Who's gonna raid a funeral?";"Some people got no respect for the dead."
- Some Like It Hot
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