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Blood Bond - Level 1: You feed a person a single drop of blood. It bonds them to you. At this level, there's no mechanical effect. They like you. They want to know more about you. If they know you're going to be somewhere, they'll be more apt to make it a point to try and be there as well. After a week of no contact between the vampire and the victim, the bond will fade.

Blood Bond - Level 2: You feed another drop of blood to the person. This must be at least twenty-four hours after the first feeding. At this level, the person finds it much harder to resist you. They like you a lot. You're a person they look up to. All of your attempts to intimidate, seduce, or otherwise coerce them are made at a -1 difficulty. All attempts to use Dominate or Presence on them are also made at a -1 difficulty. You find it easy to convince them to perform moderate tasks. After a month of no contact between the vampire and the victim, the bond will fade to level one.

Blood Bond - Level 3: The third and last drop fed to a person will seal them to you in a manner that is near impossible for them to break of their own volition. Again, this must be at least 24 hours after the previous drop was fed to them. This level of the bond simulates, basically, love, and the victim does believe they are deeply in love with the vampire. They will do almost anything that the vampire asks of them. All attempts to seduce, intimidate, or otherwise coerce the victim are made at a -2 difficulty. As are applications of the Dominate and Presence disciplines. Additionally, holding an entire person's willpower in check creates a mental strain on the vampire. For each Third-Level Bond that he holds, he gains an illusory negative to his maximum willpower. Thus, a vampire with seven willpower, and two people bonded to the third level, will only have five willpower available to use. To offset this noticeable disadvantage, a vampire can burn a point of willpower, and pass a willpower roll, to break the bond with no mental harm to the bonded. When this is done, the bond will begin to fade at a level of one per week, despite continued contact with the victim. Victims who have had their bond broken in this manner cannot be bonded for a time equal to twelve months, minus their self-control score, halved.

Vampires who are killed have their bonds to their victims broken immediately. If the bond was of the third level, the victim must pass a self-control roll at difficulty of six, or gain a derangement. Pass or not, the breaking of the bond in this manner is always very painful for the victim.

These rules also, are not the same used in Blood Bonding animals. There are a separate set of rules for bonding them. See 'Blood Bonding - Animals' for more information.

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