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Animalism1 - When trying to Command a flock of Birds or Animals that have gathered, Eye contact with every Animal is not nessessary as long as you speak to them as a whole.

When aiming a gun (or a bow), or making a roll that would require the use of a sense, like sight or smell or taste or the like, half of your level in Auspex (rounded down), will be added in dice. So if Bob has four dice in his pool for firing his gun, but his Auspex rating is a four, then he would add two additional dice to his roll on firing the gun. If Bob only had Auspex three, then he would add just one dice to the roll.

Auspex 2: You must have a plausible IC reasoning for wanting to use Auspex 2 on a person. Just doing it for the hell of it isn't plausible, and doing it on every single thing that you encounter is just silly (Unless you have the Paranoid flaw. Teehee). Please submit this IC reasoning at the same time that you request to use Auspex 2.

During the pre-burn phase, you can choose to either burn to heal, burn to boost a stat, or burn to Celerity. If you choose to burn to Celerity, you spend one bloodpoint for each additional action you wish to have, up to the limit of your Celerity. Example: Three BP to Celerity would give you three additional actions. As an added side-effect, those who have Celerity will also get half of their Celerity rating, halved and rounded down, added as dice to their Initiative rolls.

In the book, there is little argument as to how much area that Chimerstry can cover. It's left to the discretion of the Storyteller. Here, we have a bit more of a limit on it. The higher the level that you have in this Discipline, the more area that you will be allowed to cover with an illusion. The scale is as listed --

Chim 1: Roughly a twenty foot radius.
Chim 2: Roughly a fourty foot radius.
Chim 3: Roughly a sixty foot radius.
Chim 4: Roughly an eighty foot radius.
Chim 5: As far as Line of Sight will permit.

Dementation 2 - In the rules for this level of Dementation, it states, and is quite clear, that the 'haunting' will usually only occur when the target is alone, at night. However, there is that 'usually' that is there. If a Malkavian scores five or more successes on Dementation 2, then the effect of the Haunting will begin immediately, and last for one round for each success past 5. (One round at five, two at six, three at seven). After that, it will only occur when the character is alone. If you score lower then 5, then nothing will happen immediately.

Your level in Fortitude, rounded down and halved, will be added in Health levels to the character that has it. For example, a Bob without Fortitude would have a Health Level scale that looked like this --

-0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-5/Incapacitated. - That's 7 health levels. Normal.

A Bob with a Fortitude of four, would have a Health Scale that looked like this --

-0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-5/Incapacitated - That's 9 health levels, with Fortitude

This helps to show that people with Fortitude /are/ indeed, harder to kill. And don't just have a chance of being harder to kill.

Endymion (OOC)s, 'After a meeting of the Gods, we bring to thee, mortals, this decree: From this day forth, the Discipline of Fortitude shall grant to a vampire it's rating in automatic soaking dice against bashing damage and lethal damage, and in the case of aggravated damage, be counted as dice for soaking as such, without the automatic successess. Go Forth and Prosper my Ventrue. My Ravnos. My Harbingers of Skulls. My Gangrel. And whoever else. But still, hold wariness against Potence. Amen.'

Your level in Presence, halved (and rounded down), will be added to social rolls against people who do not equal your level in Presence. If Bob has three dice to seduce Sally, but Bob also has Presence two, then Bob would add a single die to his seduction roll. If Sally, however, also had Presence two, then this would not apply. This applies to all social based rolls, from seduction to intimidation to leadership.

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