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The vampire must drain at least one bloodpoint from their target before feeding the mortal one bloodpoint worth of their own vitae. Over the next day (ICly), the mortal will begin to feel the effects of the ghouling, enabling them to access their dot in Potence.

A target MUST be BB1 to their future domitor prior to ghouling in order to acclimate their system to the vampire's vitae. This bond may be created up to one night before they are ghouled. (The acclamation process cannot occur within only a few minutes, or even hours.)

New Ghouls will exhibit quirks related to their domitor's clan flaw, however they will not experience the full effects. Over time, these quirks will intensify, however. (Example: A Malkavian ghoul will seem more and more "touched", though will not have an actual derangement.) It is only with a significant amount of time as a ghoul that an individual will "earn" the flaw.

Ghouls DO NOT gain their domitor's disciplines upon ghouling. However, they can begin to learn their domitor's disciplines OVER TIME and WITH RP, though their knowledge may never exceed level 3. They may never learn out of clan disciplines.


Should a ghoul lose/change domitors and in turn clans, they will also begin to lose their ability to use the specific disciplines of their old domitor, due to the new blood fueling their systems. However, they will be able to learn disciplines from their new domitor after a month, at which point all of their old disciplines (save for Potence) would be lost. (If the domitors share disciplines, no knowledge is lost.)

Example: Jane's domitor was a Toreador who was ashed. Soon afterwards, she was taken in by a Malkavian. She would retain Auspex, but lose Celerity and Presence. However, after a month she would be able to learn Obfuscate and Dementation.

Should a ghoul have two or more domitors of different clans, they will be limited to two, or even one, level in each discipline, since the blood in their system would be diluted. This will only change if two or more of their domitors have the same discipline.

Example: Sam's domitors are a Gangrel and a Nosferatu. He would be limited to two levels of Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence and Protean. However, he could learn Animalisim up to level three.

Should a ghoul be embraced by a vampire of a different clan than their current domitor, they would lose the ability to use the disciplines they possessed as a ghoul unless their domitor and sire share disciplines. (In this case, no levels of the discipline in question will be lost.) Should they be taught one of their ghoul disciplines later, they would regain half the levels lost, rounded up. (So, up to two.)

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