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I apologize ahead of time, it's my first bit of forum fiction in about two years.
Jason's vision faded in and out, until he finally fell asleep slumped against a concrete slab. He had nightmares. Nightmares worse than the previous night, just as they had been worse every single night since the events of roughly six months prior.

Jason had become involved in... he didn't know exactly what. Some sort of massive machination of some overpowering being. He'd begun realizing that the cases of assault, rape, and mugging around his shop that he witnessed when he got off work... weren't. They were not assaults. They were not instances of rape. They were not muggings.

They were people having their goddamn lifeblood sucked out of them...

Jason managed to put off the reality of it until he had gotten back to his apartment; at which point he immediately lost his dinner in the toilet. It took him several hours of staring at the door to his apartment and cradling his family's sword until sunrise until he finally fell asleep. He woke up and he was himself again. But now he knew the truth of it. The truth that they somehow kept from the majority of humanity like cattle to a slaughterhouse, happy and ignorant until the moment blood was drawn.

He took his family's bastard sword, the shotgun from the shop, dozens of smaller bladed weapons from the shop, and a nine millimeter from a local pawn shop... he then flipped the closed sign on Sword's Swords for good. That's when the killings began in earnest. It was only two days into Jason's personal crusade that his grandfather and nearly five thousand other people suddenly went missing; the only thing common that they were obviously taken from their beds which was evident from the copious amounts of blood.

The city was in uproar, the police were absolutely no help. The national guard was called in after another sixty thousand people went missing that first week. The regular media had no idea what was going on. Jason's crusade, however, came across the truth of it. Or at least the tip of it. There were at least two factions of these bloodsucking bastards and the more vicious sect was the one that was winning. Jason had even seen some of this missing... including his grandfather. They were hanging, drained of blood, skinned, and left hanging in several old warehouses. Soon they weren't content with hiding them... as the faction that was obviously on the defense lost more and more �people� the vicious ones became more brazen. Soon the bodies were hanging from trees on the sidewalk.

People began trying to shut themselves away to defend themselves. Unfortunately their attempts were not only late, but useless. Soon there was no power, people began running out of food or water, and the small groups of people were slaughtered en mass in the recreation centers and school cafeterias they had shut themselves in.

What did they think this was... a zombie movie? Boarded up windows and locked metal doors don't stop vampires...

Jason had kept to himself, sleeping only during the day and even then only in places he knew a normal human wouldn't find him. He'd seen humans serving the vampires and knew for a fact that one of them would just as soon shoot him in the head as look at him. The cat and mouse game of Jason occasionally killing a careless vampire, looting what fresh water and food he could, and sleeping a few hours around noon every day continued for about five months. In these last four weeks Jason had not seen one human being; vampire servant or otherwise. He only saw the vampires... moving around like wolves. He hadn't slept in nearly four days. He had just fallen asleep in broad daylight... he had also passed out without setting his watch alarm.

Such a stupid move...

Jason's eyes snapped open. He was already standing, shotgun at the ready and scanning his immediate surroundings. He was standing in the ruins of an office building that was probably destroyed in one of the initial confrontations with the national guard... and he could hear them. There was only a sliver of a Moon and so all he could see were blurred shadows but he would recognize the near-silent gate of those bastards until the moment he died.

BANG! k-chk. BANG!

Jason fired as best he could with his still sleep-blurred vision, but he couldn't tell if anything hit. After his second shot one of the ones in front of him was already inches from him, his shotgun knocked several feet away and his trigger finger broken at a horrible angle. He began drawing his bastard sword with his uninjured left hand but before it was even halfway out of the scabbard there was a hand around his throat. He could feel his hands trying the claw into that inhuman arm... his vision blurred further and he could hear taunting laughter. A sharp pain in his neck. His own screams reverberating in his ears, his vision faded to black permanently.
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