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From now on, all vampires will be considered to have a natural ability to Masquerade. This rating will be considered to be in effect at all times, unless the character requests to purposely not masquerade.

Masquerade Rating: Manipulation + Subterfuge divided by 2 (rounded down)

Rating 1 - You look vaguely human, but are still incredibly pale and rather sickly in appearance. There is no healthy flush to your cheeks and your chest rises and falls somewhat irregularly only with concentration. There is no sign of a pulse anywhere in your body.

Rating 2 - You look human, though a little pale, as though you need to get out more. People might just mistake you for a goth. There is a very slight flush to your cheeks, and your breathing is fairly regular, though still requires concentration on your part. Still no pulse.

Rating 3 - You look "normal", with your cheeks containing a fairly healthy flesh of color and your skin natural in shade. Your chest rises and falls regularly, the action almost subconscious. You are still unable to force a pulse.

Rating 4 - You have a healthy tone to your skin, your cheeks especially having a nice flush to them. Your chest rises and falls easily and regularly, the action requiring only a hint of concentration. With some effort, you can force a weak pulse in one part of your body.

Rating 5 - You are the absolute picture of health, with the radiant glow about your entire being and bright, shining eyes. Your chest rises and falls in an easy and natural rhythm, the action reflexive and requiring no effort on your part. You can force a strong pulse in a single part of your body.

A single bloodpoint (regardless of generation) can be spent before or during a scene in order to warm skin and give the character one extra point in their rating.

Characters with the Blush of Health/Sanguine Humor merit automatically have a masquerade rating of three as well as a very faint pulse, no matter their stats. However, they still need to burn blood in order to warm their skin. If their stats add up to a higher rating, then they use that instead.
(Ex: The character has manipulation 4, subterfuge 4. In this case, the merit rating of three would be negated and replaced with their natural rating of four.)

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