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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

An old notebook, a little worn around the edges with pages full of writing.

May 10, 2007

I always wondered what it'd be like to be different from everyone, that guy that wasn't the one that stuck out in the crowd. To not be popular in school from making people laugh at me. Perhaps I wasn't really popular...maybe they were just laughing at me but it doesn't matter anymore. I hate myself now for having ever wished it. I'm a monster. Sean and David are dead. I heard it on the news in one of those old television shops when I was passing through this town. The blood on my clothes only tells me who did it..and I feel so ashamed. What am I? How could I kill them like I did. Sean I miss you. You were my only real friend. I'm sorry for what I did. So sorry. I hate myself for ever wishing myself into this. I never was careful for what I wished for.

May 14, 2007

Looking back, I wonder about all of the things I took for granted. Everything I ever did was so good even if I never noticed it. I miss Kate. She was going to come over later for my birthday. I was supposed to be back home in time for that after going out with Sean and David. I can still remember the first time I held her in my arms. I love her as I always have..but I know I can never go back to her. The road is all I can have now and that feeling in the back of my head. Like i'm being watched.

May 22, 2007

I can sense that someone's on my trail but I don't know who. I can hear them in the forest when I pass through at night trying to stay away from the cops and anyone who might know my face from the reports. There's always that lingering feel that someone's on my trail but I have no idea who or what they are. FBI? They look into those alien things. Maybe i'm some genetic experiment gone wrong like in those old books. Something they would want to recapture. The cops? I don't know. How could they follow me this far? Maybe it's someone out there just like me? No, i'm the only one. I'm alone...all alone. I'm a monster....-writing trails off with a long line before coming back with more words- It's been a few hours since then and I think I can finaly calm down again. Floodlights were looking for me in the woods. They looked like they came from an old pickup. The man inside looked grizzled but he had a certain look in his eye.. I think he wanted to kill me. Maybe I should let him.

May 27, 2007
(in shaky handwriting)
Blood stains my clothes again.If you can call it that... Like it did in what feels like years ago. The man showed up again and I got so scared. He found me this time and I was right....he did want to kill me. He turned into something horrible. A monster, just like me. But he was worse than what I was. Black fur in patches...disgusting with green blood. He changed right in front of me and attacked me on sight with a large dagger. I drew blood but he was going to kill me. I couldn't win..I was so afraid but relieved at the same time but them something happened. A silver haired monster jumped out of the woods with three others. A smaller one with black streaks..a larger one with white..and another larger one with dark hair. They attacked it and I ran. I ran harder than i'd ever run before. They were there to get us both. I could feel it. I could feel the rage in the biggest of the group like the rage that flows in my own veins. I put as much distance between them and myself as I could.

June 5, 2007

Hell for what seems to be years now. For so long i've run looking for food and running from the law. My feet have finaly brought me to New Orleans. Maybe one of those voodoo witchdoctors can tell me what I am. Maybe...

(continued) I can't believe it.....I just can't believe it. There are others just like me. They aren't evil. They aren't monsters. Am I a monster? People just like me. I'm not alone. She changed for me in one of the hotel rooms because we couldn't find anywhere in NOLA that we could hide without being seen. She changed into something just like those monsters in the forest but without the rage. Calm..we just talked like normal people. She told me she'd show me to other people. Others like me. Maybe..just wish has come true. A wish that I was careful wishing for.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:23 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Darkness crept along the still branches, leaving little to be seen by any but the keen eyes of a creature in the darkness. All senses were keen in this form but others weren't. The lone wolf crept through the bushes and undergrowth to stop behind a large tree before slowly melding back into a humanoid form. A quiet voice, almost a little crazy, issues from the young man's lips. "Two weeks, or has it been more? Counting the nights seems so long now since I left Atlanta."

He shifted against the tree, pulling some clothing out of a pack he kept on his back to change. *Crack* Startled, he stopped silent. *Crack* Another sound of breaking twigs could be heard before silence. Something was out there. The sounds were so quiet, but to his keen ears it was loud. The sounds were gone now though.

The young man slowly turned to look around again only to see the semblance of a large boot coming his way. He wasn't fast enough to avoid it, only having the time to watch as it crashed into his face and sent him sprawling. Specks of black dotted his vision as he looked up, elbows digging into the ground to force himself backwards as fear took hold. He couldn't muster the words to speak, only watching the man approach. He had grizzled features and wild raven black hair. The man just gazed at him with a look of insanity in his eyes, "Look what we have here... A cub all on his own. Tsk tsk tsk. I wonder how loud you scream."

Rage boiled in Sieg's veins, fueled by the fear in his mind. The change was taking hold and the large man just laughed, seemingly unconcerned about it all before taking on a serious gaze. The insanity was still there....but this time it was colder. Calculative somehow. Sieg wouldn't notice as muscles spasmed and fur shot from the pores of his flesh. A feral growl erupted from his throat and soon he wasn't quite him anymore...

The man only grinned as he looked at the beast before him on the ground before raising his head to howl as he changed. This change was nothing like Sieg's. Features changed and dark patched hair shot out from his skin. Ears formed into lopsided turn shreds. The same insane look in his eyes was there and that grin could still be seen on his now formed jaws. He gave Sieg no time to react, rage fueling his actions as he leapt forward with massive claws outstretched for a swipe. The swipe collided with fur and flesh, drawing a long gash along Sieg's face. He fought back...but there was no escape.

The beast had his hold..and he knew how to fight. But just then, two larger forms leapt out from the bushes. Claws gleamed with the pale light of the full moon overhead and they collided hard against the now transformed man. Two others then followed...joining in on the attack to take him down quickly but before they could turn to look for Sieg.....he was gone.

"Get away...get away...get away....get away" Is all that fueled in his mind now. Sieg had regained control somehow and he wasn't going to be caught...not my those monsters. He was getting gone. He was going to stay alive just a little longer.
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