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PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 6:14 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A shot rings out in the darkness. A body falls to the ground and blood begins to pool as the life drains from yet another being. It is a dark night in New Orleans. They�re all dark nights these days. A man muses, his face covered in a cloak of shadow. He walks forward, regarding the fallen one intently. Tension fills the air, but all is eerily quiet.

The final gasp before the plunge.

Raven looks at the man for a long moment, his lip curling in disgust. Before him, haggard breath after haggard breath forces itself out of his quarry. They were coming up on the end of it now, the accumulation of years of hate and loathing. It was the climatic apex of a terrible tale.

�Help�� The man croaks, looking up at Raven with pleading eyes. ��mercy.�

The sound of a gun cocking is all that is heard in response and the man�s eyes widen in fear as the black barrel of a .45 calibre handgun is levelled at him. There is a cold look in Raven�s eyes.



In the background, footsteps are heard. It�s Morgan, Raven knows. He won�t have long before the psychologist arrives. He has to finish his mission before than, or risk dragging Morgan into the knowledge that no person should ever have.

The knowledge of murder.

�Raven?� A voice calls out, cautiously. �Are you here? I got your message.�

The fallen man looks toward the darkened hall, a glimmer of understanding flickering in his eyes.

�You can�t do it,� He whispers, his voice quiet, his words both mocking and manipulative.. �Not with him watching.�

Raven watches him for a moment longer, his blue eyes sparkling as a single ray of moonlight shines through the window. In the light, the faint hues of the wallpaper can be seen.

Pink and blue with unicorns dancing throughout.

They are standing in a little girl�s bedroom. Young, precious, a light of inspiration to all those around her. A good epitaph. Raven thinks to himself. It wouldn�t have had to be so had he been just a few hours earlier. If he had been quicker to understand, to get the big picture.
He hadn�t.

�Raven!� Morgan�s voice is back, this time with more than a hint of panic in it. He must have found the parents, dead, in the living room. That was a new twist, killing the entire family. His eyes flicker to the small bed to his left, where a lone silhouette lay, unnaturally peaceful. �Where are you?�

�You should answer him,� The fallen man says, a predatory grin crossing his face. He thought that he could win. If he could stave off death until the psychologist arrived, he would be saved.

Raven�s fingers tense on the trigger.

There is a click.

Followed by a clack.

And finally by an explosion.

Fresh droplets of blood mixed with old ones in a gruesome minuet of crimson. The last rattled breath escapes the body of the fallen man. All the while Raven watches, saying nothing. There is nothing that needed to be said.

Nothing that would begin to explain this night.

Nothing that could ever convey the horror and brutality he had both witnessed and dealt. Xuxa, the love of his life, had once called him a great man. He had told her then that it wasn�t true. In truth, he was more like the man lying before him than he was like anything else.

A predator�

An animal�

A monster�

After a moment, he looks up, blinking himself back to reality. The sounds of Morgan running up the stairs can be heard. He turns, meeting the psychologist�s gaze.

�Job�s done.� He whispers softly. �Let�s go home.�


Afternote: This is actually written about a plot that a friend of mine and I attempted to put together on BnB just a little under a year ago. Some of you might remember the short lived mortal psychologist Morgan. At any rate, at this point in time Raven was a Mortal who had been Ghouled by Brad, then left to his own devices after Brad got himself killed.
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Well done, Raven!
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