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The sound of another explosion in the distance could be heard. David sat back on the hood of the car he�d taken today as he gazed out at the city of Los Angeles. The Apocalypse had come, that was for sure. It all seemed to have started back when the wild took Los Angeles back as its own. The place wasn�t exactly a jungle but nothing mechanical could thrive there anymore, not like it used to anyway.

He smacked the pack of cigarettes against the palm of his hand before drawing one out from the case and lighting it. The City plunged into chaos after those fateful days. Earthquakes unexplained wrecked the coastline and all of the bloodsuckers revealed themselves in what could only have been explained as madness. Los Angeles was cordoned off by the government and put into quarantine for fear that madness and hysteria had been instigated by terrorists. None knew that the reports coming out of the city were truly real, after all who believed in the walking dead?
They believed soon after.

Something rose from the sewers of Los Angeles, a man unnamed. He crossed the States in madness, killing and destroying anyone and anything in his path. The bloodsuckers followed him and in their path nothing stood. They killed each other even in time, their madness reaching a peak provoked by something about him. The Army came up against them, but the weapons of man had no power against something so ancient. They could not call upon the aid of foreign powers because��.in other countries around the world others awoke like this man did.

Soon, a team of faith driven men and women stood to fight against these beings and they prevailed but in doing so, they were destroyed. The world was left in a state of ruin, plunged into a dark ages that could never have been predicted and man knew that they weren�t the only ones out there for sure for the first time in millennia. The bloodsuckers began taking the cities and none could stop them. Sure, mortals could hunt them in daylight and learn how to combat them at night when they had to but in the end they were just too slow to react. David had joined into a group of rebels in Los Angeles since the fall of the city. It was the first city of the States to fall and its people now veterans of the war that spanned the previous years but their most recent base of operations had been found and in that he fled from the destruction that came soon after.

Sure, he took a few of the leeches on his way out, but even he knew what his limits were. The city had fallen for good, and with it he was ready to look for the next group to aid. He wondered if he was the only human left in this part of the states now. He hadn�t had contact with anyone outside of the city since the radios went out. All he knew was that the sun was going down now, and he better get moving to somewhere safe before they came for him.

The reign of man had ended, and now larger things were beginning to show themselves. The revival of whatever those things were had only been the clarion call to the horrors that stirred and the heroes who would rise against them. Such things could never be known though as the engine to the vehicle revved with him now in its driver side seat. All he knew was that if he was to die he would go down in a blaze of glory� The Lord help Him.
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