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The rumble of a distant engine roused Blair from her thoughts, her head jerking sharply upward as she cast her translucent eyes about in search of the source. It could only have been a few blocks away. Shit. Where in the blue fuck had they found a car that actually ran?

With a hiss of frustration, she looked downward once again, debating over her choices. His heartbeat had slowed to only a dull, almost questioning thud, as if each beat itself expected to be the last. He was only young, barely past boyhood. Wrong place, wrong time. It happened to the best of us, she reasoned. Crouched down, with the youth cradled in her arms amidst the rubble of what once had been a bustling cafe in the City of Angels, she blended easily into the shadows of the starless night, the crescent moon offering only feeble illumination when not covered entirely by the scudding clouds overhead. But it was too risky. She didn't want to be seen.

Decision made, she allowed herself a moment longer to admire the helpless creature's innocent features. He looked as though he were merely sleeping, drifting into a dreamworld where none of reality's nightmares could touch. With a soft, wistful sigh that he should be free while she remained down in the gutter, she bent close, pressing her lips lightly to the side of his vulnerable throat. The delicate ivory fangs that descended behind her sultry lips pierced his skin once more, eliciting a weak shudder.. halted a moment later as she tore across, ripping away his flesh to loose the last of his lifeblood over his chest. As his last breath whistled through the savage tear left by the predator, she dropped him carelessly to the ground, hearing the muted crunch of broken glass beneath.

Straightening, slowly licking the last traces of crimson from her lips, she stepped silently and carelessly across the still-warm body, her gaze already distant as she returned her attention to the approaching sounds of the car. At least she assumed it was a car. God forbid they'd found a tank. Smirking at her thoughts, she tilted her head back to regard the moon in it's serene glory. Are you there, God? It's me. That bitch you hate.

The one thing left to fear in this city. The hypocrites. They weren't the foolish ones who destroyed themselves, oh no. It was the dark ones, the unknown. Those who, until now, had lurked in the shadows, preserving their precious 'Masquerade'. Humanity was always going to meet it's end, let's face it, she thought. But even in that, they have to look for a scapegoat.

Now, most of her days were spent cleaning up the mess she wasn't even responsible for.. and her reward was being hunted like a dog. Nothing new there. But now that the facade of reality had fallen away, humans were learning.. and learning fast.. how to kill her kind. Made things far more interesting.

A soft, throaty chuckle followed the lithe young woman as she sprang from the ground, alighting upon a half crumbled wall and hoisting herself with ease from there to the roof. She travelled a couple of blocks this way, no longer consciously mindful of how incredible such feats once seemed. The first time He had carried her across the city, all those years ago, when the lights still shone down below enough to douse the stars.. well, frankly she'd been terrified. But now.. things had gotten less and less terrifying. To the point now where she felt.. not empty but.. not exactly caring much about things at all anymore.

Maybe this is how Macha felt, she considered. Damn, she hadn't meant to think about her. A scowl darkened her brow as she swiftly gauged the leap to the next building and launched herself, landing lightly on the aged and uneven roof. She hit the road before the city had destroyed itself, no word, no letter, nothing. Just gone. It still hurt her to think about it. Apparently the loss of a friend is still tough to get over, even when you're the damned undead.

Ah. There it was. Thankfully not a tank. Just a beat up piece of shit Camry. And rather than some of their enemies, it looked like just another bunch of survivors trying to get the hell outta Dodge. A slow, indulgent smile curved across her lips in the darkness. Good luck, she thought after them, you'll need it. Sitting on her heels, one hand dangling loosely over the still intact eaves of the rooftop, she gazed down at the street, her desolate eyes landing upon the foundations across the way. Once it had been a mansion, she recalled. Clenching into a tight fist, her knuckles whitened. This is where they had all lived, the three of them. Until, as with all things, that was taken away too.

The barren, scorched remains of the yard were now scattered with the debris from their home. Startled from her reverie by a sudden dull warmth upon her cheek, she brushed at it with her fingertips, looking in surprise at the smear across her porcelain skin, left by the single bloody tear that had betrayed her turmoil. The stir in the night air behind her, however, brought her swiftly to her feet again, whirling around in the blind dark as her metaphorical hackles raised.

Before her, the shadows danced and shimmered, coalescing into a recognisable form. Fathomless dark eyes, long silken hair and that expression of wisdom that seemed so far beyond his apparent years. He hadn't aged a day since she had first known him, or long before. Leaning gratefully to his tautly muscled form, falling into his open arms, Blair would have sighed if the human desire still remained. In the distance, a violent explosion trembled the very ground far below. Closing her eyes, her lashes darkening her cheekbones, she tried to imagine they were elsewhere, that the world could just fall away and leave nothing but the two of them. But, alas..

"We have work to do, baby girl."

Everyone supposes that the monsters have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In reality, they have far more to lose. The bonds they make are everlasting. And the tears remain in their hearts when they are broken with callous disregard. Twining her fingers with his, reluctantly drawing back, the dark haired girl followed his gaze to the unknown. Sometimes, she pondered, forever could seem an awfully long time.

Hobbes : "What are you doing?"
Calvin : "Being cool."
Hobbes : "You look more like you're bored."
Calvin : "The world bores you when you're cool."
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